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Every year the Scientific Committee selects researches on the following topics:
    • Principles and new tools for sustainable urbanization:
      "inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable city"

    • Circularization of city/territory economic processes
      with a specific sub-session of the Laboratory

    • Fight against urban poverty and climate change
      through Landscape regeneration

    • Enterpreneurship, Creativity, Resilience and Sustainability

    • Sustainable and Innovative Business Models, Innovative Financial Models, Innovative governance models

    • Integrated human development and human sustainable development:
      the new paradigme of city development

    • Evaluations and new indicators for implementing the New
      Urban Agenda Habitat III

    • Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage Integrated Conservation
      and Local Development

    • Slowcities Development Strategy

    • Port Cities/Areas Sustainable Regeneration/Development

    • Integrated assessment methods for expressing the changes
      in wellbeing / health / quality of life, coming from regeneration
      of terraced landscapes

    • Local Heritage, Integrated Conservation, Economic
      Development of port cities

    • Tools for implementing and operationalizing Historic Urban
      Landscape UNESCO approach